Native Drum Heart
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Welcome to Native Drum Heart....

'The Place'
to learn how to make drums
        inspired in the Style of Native American Drums

Native Drum Making - Learn how to make one from these Complete & Detailed Instructions!

Welcome to Native Drum heart!

Hello, my name is Cindy Green, and I have been making hand drums since 1997. I have also shared this craft with many people in my drum making workshops. During the past 15 years or so, interest in drumming has grown.

Medical research continues to find that drumming has a healing affect on our bodies. More and more drum circles are forming all over the world. I love drumming, and I love sharing my drums and drum making experience with others.

Have you been wanting a drum, but not sure about buying one online? Do you have questions about buying one in person? Have you thought about making your own special drum with your own hands? If so, and are not able to find a workshop near you, I have written a manual with over 100 photos to guide you, step-by-step through the process. I also give you a list of places to buy the materials and tools.

I am available to answer questions you may have, and you will soon have the ability to make your own drum.

Making drums and showing others how to has given me great satisfaction and healing in my life. Join me, and I believe it can take you on a journey of enlightenment and inner peace, too.  But before we go too far, I'd like to tell you where my path began...

I was born and raised in Northern California and at a very young age, my 'Gram', who was born in Indian Territory in 1900, told me we were 'part Cherokee'. This started my lifelong interest in Native American life.

My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Bradford, read the book 'Ishi in Two Worlds' by Theodora Kroeber to my class and at the age of eight, my interest in Native American history was fully established!

Our class went on a field trip to Stanford University in California and saw Ishi's artifacts at the museum. I thought it was "ancient history", and that the culture was dead.  That was until I met a woman who showed me how to make drums. I made a few drums with her and soon she and I traveled to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota with a group of friends who were going to participate in the Sun Dance.

That was a truly eye-opening experience! I learned that the Native American culture was not dead!

After I assisted my teacher in several of her workshops, she encouraged me to offer drum making workshops, and my journey continued. Along the way, I have met many highly regarded Native Musicians, Artists, and Elders who have given my drums high complements.

Somewhere along my path I picked up the name 'DrumHeart', because of my love for the drum.

I am Cindy Green, LMT.  My profession is that of a licensed massage therapist, I love helping people to feel better, and I have a passion for using the sound of the Native American Style Drum to help.  

Other things that I enjoy are leading 'drumming as meditation' circles, ‘drumming for fun’ drum circles and using sound healing techniques, including Native Style Flute, in my massage sessions.

I don't typically make drums to sell, but on occasion with enough sincere interest from a drum seeker,  I do let go and sell one. I would much rather share my knowledge and have people put their own spirit into the drums that they make.

Drum making is my "heart art". I dedicate them to healing the Earth. My Mission is to introduce as many people as I can to the healing energy of the drum, because it has been a blessing in my life. The drum really carried me through some rough times on my path.

After my relocation to Arizona in 2006, I have become surrounded by so many like-minded people that I know this is where I belong, and this is what I am here to do.

I would love that at sometime in the future you are able to attend one of my drum making workshops. Until then, I will show you how with this drum making manual.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I'll do my best to answer them.

I would love hearing from you.

....and thanks for visiting!


Cindy “DrumHeart” Green